The Digital Justice Project (DJP)

The Digital Justice Project from Transitions on Vimeo.

The Problem

Trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation is widespread in Southeast Asia, particularly in Cambodia. Cambodia has long been a source, transit hub, and destination country for child trafficking. Organized crime syndicates, parents, relatives, friends, intimate partners, and neighbors are all responsible for trafficking children. Some Cambodian missing and trafficked children return home, but many more are never found. The growing number of missing children in Cambodia is exacerbated by the weakness of Cambodia’s child protection system.

The Digital Justice Project (DJP) will strengthen state criminal justice and social service capacities to protect vulnerable populations and identify human trafficking through the implementation of technological solutions. These solutions include databases, case management, and documentation systems integrated across multiple platforms to manage information and information sharing with governments, NGOs, and regional stakeholders.

The Issue

Large numbers of children go missing every year in Cambodia. These children go missing for many reasons, whether they are runaways escaping abuse or poverty, or children kidnapped and sold into child labor or the sex trade. Brokers often trick families with promises of work or education for their children and then sell the children for profit.


Our Response


Missing Children and Anti-Trafficking Project

DJP’s first project is CaMCAT (Cambodia Missing Children and Anti-Trafficking Project), a database and information collection system designed to catalogue missing children’s cases and child trafficking cases that go unaddressed each year in Cambodia. This centralized system for recording and publicizing information ensures that all cases remain active and accessible until the child is found. CaMCAT is the first and only database of it’s kind in the region.

CaMCAT’s design was informed by Transitions’ years of work in the Cambodian anti-human trafficking context. Our DJP team brings experience in anti-human trafficking efforts within Southeast Asia and strong relationships with Cambodian government, institutions, and officials.